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The British Shakespeare Company are working on our first film 'Sweet Swan of Avon' and are looking forward to seeing our work on the big screen. As well as many historic recreations the film will include excerpts from The Tempest, Henry IV part I, Henry VI part I, Hamlet, Richard III, Titus Andronicus, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Cymbeline, Twelfth Night, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Troilus and Cressida and All's Well That Ends Well.

We did our first week of filming at Jesus College, Oxford followed by a week at incredible locations in Norway. These included the stunning Akershus Castle in Oslo and Ramma Gaard.

We are very pleased with the results and it was a wonderful experience with a fantastic group of people. It is a Miramar Film Production and we are working with a brilliant team from Norway including AS Videomaker and internationally acclaimed director Jorgen Friberg.

All casting, costumes, locations and direction of actors by Robert J. Williamson and the British Shakespeare Company.

We are very keen to offer our services to other television and film companies. Please contact us for information and advice.

“Thank you for letting your BSC expertise beautify our Norwegian film production. I have seen parts of the rough-cut production and I tell you it really shines! I hope to watch the next BSC production in Norway, I think you are great performers.”
Petter Amundsen, author of The Organist from which the film Sweet Swan of Avon is taken.

The Court of Elizabeth 1st - from left to right: David Davies, Richard Morrison, Robert Crumpton, Julia Addison, Robert J. Williamson and Matthew Hebden

Sweet Swan of Avon

Sweet Swan of Avon


Filmed on location at Jesus College, Oxford

young Francis Bacon   Francis Bacon   Older Francis Bacon  

Jack Lass as Francis Bacon at 6

Tom Dickinson as teenage Francis Bacon


Kevin Brannigan, Francis Bacon at 50

Queen Elizabeth I James 1st Matthew Hebden  

Julia Addison as Queen Elizabeth I

John Ioannou as James 1st

Matthew Hebden on location

Make up Jesus College Oxford      

Makeup for Kevin Brannigan

Filming at Jesus College, Oxford

Court of James 1st
Film crew

Film crew and Kevin Brannigan

The Court of James 1st - from left to right: Richard Morrison, Robert J. Williamson, John Ioannou, David Davies, Matt Hebden and Robert Crumpton

THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR - on location at Ramme Gaard, Norway
Merry Wives of Windsor Merry Wives of Windsor

On location in Norway

Close up camerawork
David Davies     Zahra Browne   Christopher Llewellyn
David Davies as Ford     Zahra Browne as Mistress Ford   Christopher Llewellyn as Sir Hugh Evans
THE TEMPEST - Filmed on location at Verden Ende (World's End)
filming Prospero    
John prepares as Jorgen digs a camera pit for two camera shoot. Also shot from above with crane camera. John Ioannou as Prospero
Prospero The Tempest
Jorgen filming on Prospero Thomas films Prospero and Miranda
Prospero Miranda The Tempest
John Ioannou as Prospero Janet Montgomery as Miranda Daredevil cinematographer Thomas films from the edge of a cliff
ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL - on location in Akershus Castle, Oslo, Norway TITUS ANDRONICUS - Norway forest
Liz Evans     Craig Gilbert   Kwaku Ankomah

Costume designer Liz Evans attending to Craig Gilbert (Bertram)

Craig Gilbert as Bertram Kwaku Ankomah as Aaron
KING LEAR - on location outside Akershus Castle, Oslo, Norway
Richard Mark King Lear
Richard Mark as Edgar Robert J. Williamson as Edmund
King Lear King Lear
Battle scene In between scenes with directors Jorgen Friberg and Robert J Williamson
RICHARD III - on location outside Akershus Castle, Oslo, Norway
Barrie Palmer     William Reay   Richard III

Barrie Palmer as George, Duke of Clarence

    William Reay Robert J Williamson as Richard III
HAMLET - on location inside Akershus Castle, Oslo, Norway
Hamlet Adam Redmayne  

Robert J Williamson as Hamlet

Adam Redmayne as Rosencrantz   David Davies as Guildenstern
Hamlet   Hamlet  
Directors Robert J Williamson and Jorgen Friberg chatting Hamlet kills Polonious (Barrie Palmer)
Hamlet Hamlet
Robert J Williamson as Hamlet Adam Redmayne waiting while filming is underway
CYMBELINE - by Greek monument Ramme Gaard, Norway
Cymbeline Posthumus  
  Matthew Hebden as Posthumus
TROILUS AND CRESSIDA - on location on Hardanger Fjord, Norway HENRY VI PART I at Ramme Gaard
Ulysses     Ulysses   Richard Plantagenet
Robert Crumpton as Ulysses     Ulysses   Richard Mark as Richard Plantagenet

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